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Welcome to Dark Moon Dice!

I launched Dark Moon Dice in mid 2018 to combine three of my greatest loves; Dungeons and Dragons, dice and glitter. Well, maybe four greatest loves if you count being able to work in my pyjamas. As an avid table top RP gamer and self confessed "girly girl', I wanted to create a style of dice I found severely lacking in the current dice market. Now, don't get me wrong, glitter is NOT just for girls, but still it felt like large (and some small dice brands) weren't making the creative and original styles I had in mind. So I decided to set my mind on something new; glitters, sprinkles, metallic flakes, micas, two colour injection and inks are just some of the resin mediums I've begun to use and love. There will be lots more though. I'm constantly inventing and experimenting to bring you new and unique dice styles. Thank you for shopping with us and allowing me to do what I love; happy rolling nerds!

xx Laura

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